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It's time to save, Save, SAVE!

Posted by Michael Jacobs on 10/4/2019 to News
We have not been good about keeping this blog updated - our (my) bad....

If your reading this today or have visited our home page you might have learned we are offing sales on our U.S. Coins and Currency.  You can save 10% on Half Cents to Silver dollar until the end of November and U.S. Currency until the end of October!  We are also offering 15% off our Close Out and Discontinued products page.  - No Coupon code is needed for any of these discounts being offered online.  

We also want to lets you know we have expanded the listing of items we are offering on Etsy, this website has become as popular as eBay for the collector of unique items. We also have a 10% off sale on that website at well, please use the code WILL10PERCENTOFFHELP  during check out. 

Of recent, we have added more items to our World Currency page and the Tokens and Medal page. 

We have activated a Wish List feature on our website, look for the button ADD TO WISH LIST on screen when looking at anything online you might be interested in. 

Shipping Corrections and Adjustments.. Our long-standing founding family member Annette, IE: Mom has retired from the business. I (Michael ) have taken over shipping and in error have filed away a lot of invoices we would typically make postage correction refunds. I am in the process of reviewing all of the sales in the last two quarters to see who I have missed making these adjustments for. In some cases, customers who are very active with Jake's I will be putting these refunds on account for your future use, if you would like I can remove the store credit and directly refund you this amount. Customers who have not created accounts I will refund the excess amount back to their respective payment source. 

Daily operations are now just Jonathan and myself so that has given us more to do, however we have worked hard to ship all orders the same or next business day. Buyers hint: We get 80% of our orders over the weekend, by Wednesday we are shipping most orders the same day if placed by 3pm cst. 

Every day I am generating additional images to go online, please if you see an item we have not created an image for please use the Contact US link and ask, I will work up the image ASAP and e-mail when the item has been updated. 

08/17/2019 our website was offline for a bit, sorry, we were in the progress of enhancing the security certificate on our website. We elected to advance this to a higher level of security for your online protection while shopping and checking out at our website. 

We have expanded the list of new items we are posting on the website, this information can be found on our website as well as increasing the list of Featured Products to also showcase these new items...sadly... it also reminds me of how many more images we need to create for the website - but we are working on this. 

Happy Collecting and Please have a safe time this month as we get closer to Halloween!
Thank you, 
Michael Jacobs

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