Trash Talker Doll - Battery Replacement
Before we shipped your Trash Talker Doll we did a final test to make sure it is working properly. 

Since a simple blow to the head will activate this doll we can not stop your friend from being excessively chatty while being shipped to you.
If your doll is not working when you get it the problem of course is a tired doll, exhausted of course will be the batteries.
We appreciate your order and want you to enjoy all the fun this doll will provide.

This Repair requires a small Phillips screw driver and three Ag13 Alkaline 1.55 Volt Batteries.
This battery stock number could also be; LR44W, CX44, 357 and 357A depending on the manufacture.

Our example will use Pimp Daddy; the battery replacement is the same for all of the dolls.
Turn the doll over and raise the shirt over its back. Only Marshall does not have any clothing on.
Separate the Velcro seam that runs vertical up the dolls back.
You should see the red and black wires going to the white battery compartment.
The compartment comes out easier if you push your thumb into the dolls stomach while slightly bending the doll at the waist. 

The Battery compartment has two screws in it.
You need to loosen only the one screw on the side where "Battery Compartment" is printed on the cover.
The lettering has been highlighted here for illustration.

Once you remove the cover you will see three batteries.
It's important you notice the direction all of the batteries are aligned.
Remove the three batteries and properly discard.
The bottom of the battery compartment does have an alignment illustration, but it can be difficult to see.
The positive "+" side flat side of the battery has the Manufacture, Part Number and the plus (+) sign.
Wipe the new batteries off with a soft cloth on both sides to improve contact.

Align and insert the three batteries so the positive sides all face the spring.
Once all three batteries are inserted, hold your thumb over the compartment and strike the dolls head to activate it, the doll should now talk.
If you do not align all three batteries properly the doll will not activate!
For best results replace all three batteries at the same time.
Replace the compartment cover, watch that the notch in the cover inserts into the battery compartment.
Press the cover back into place and tighten the screw. Do not over tighten the screw!
Insert the battery compartment back into the dolls back, reset the Velcro seam and re-dress the doll.