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United States Pattern Coins 10th edition
United States Pattern Coins 9th edition

United States Pattern Coins 10th edition

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The Official Red Book - United States Pattern Coins Complete Source for History, Rarity, and Values

10th Edition 

By: J. Hewitt Judd, M.D. 
Edited By: Q. David Bowers 

Hard Cover / 352 Pages 

Published by Whitman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0794822533 
ISBN-13: 9780794822538


The hardcover book is a complete resource for the history, rarity, and values of these popular experimental pieces, from 1792 to 2000. "United States Pattern Coins illustrates the trails, struggles, and backstage intrigue that preceded so many of the United States Mint's regular issues. This is a fascinating inside look at America's rarest coins."

Within the chapters of this book you will learn:

The various categories and terminology of pattern coins.

Information on private restrike's from Mint dies.

The various ways to collect pattern coins.

The various metals and alloys patterns were struck in.

Information on the edges of pattern coins, die orientation and metal-turn alignment.

Grading and rarity of pattern coins.

The importance of condition.

The numerical grading system.

The Sheldon grading scale.

Information on certification services.

The scale used to determine the rarity.

Guidelines for "smart" buying of pattern coins.

The importance of eye appeal.

Market conditions and competition.

Information about the prices shown for pattern coins.

Even if you never own one of the coins featured in this book it is fascinating just to see what some of our coinage may have looked like if any of these designs would have been chosen for our nation's coinage.

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