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Trash Talkers - Bubba
Trash Talkers - Bubba

Trash Talkers - Bubba

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Trash Talker - Bubba

Novelty Doll that *talks when you strike its head. 

This is a battery-operated toy and as designed by the manufacturer will be active when shipped. We will provide an extra set of batteries with your purchase. 

Warning: * The content of the messages this doll says could be considered insensitive. 
Phrase 1 - Meet my sister, uh...I mean my wife!
Phrase 2 - Bring me that beer, bitch!
Phrase 3 - Isn't your cousin a nice piece of ass?
Phrase 4 - You got pretty lips... mister!
Phrase 5 - Move your fat ass! You're blockin' NASCAR!

These dolls have long been discontinued, we have replaced the batteries and have tested the dolls before shipping. These are being sold AS-IS as we are unable to repair or replace this product. 

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