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Things You Should Know About Coin Collecting
Things You Should Know About Coin Collecting

Things You Should Know About Coin Collecting

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Things You Should Know About Coin Collecting 

By: Will Gandley 

1st Edition 

Soft Cover / 68 Pages

Actual size of book - H 8 1/2" x W 5 1/2"
  • Publisher: Canadian Wholesale Supply (2004)

Although some of the information in this book is in reference to the Canadian coin market in general author Will Gandley informative comments and the topics he has chosen describe the inner workings of the coin market which can be applied to coin collecting in any country. 


Mint Sealed Bags and Rolls.

Mail order Coin Offerings.

Teletype Price Hiking.

Promoters and Hustlers.

Investment Promoters.

Medals and Medallions.

Coin Varieties.

Coin Journals and Newspapers.

Coin Investments.

Key Coins.

Selling Coins.

Coin Auctions.

Coin Clubs.

Coin Insurance Policies.

Starting a Coin Collection.

Coin Handling.

Cleaning Coins.

Coin Dealing & the Coin Guides.

Fly-By-Night Coin Dealers.

Grading Coins.

Bulk Silver Buying.

Gold bars & Coins.

Coins as a Hedge Against Inflation.

Inflation and the Coin Market.

And Much, Much, More. 

Never have I seen such a small book pack so much useful information. I highly recommend this book both for the beginner to the advanced collector! - Jake 

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