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The Jefferson Nickel Analyst
The Jefferson Nickel Analyst

The Jefferson Nickel Analyst

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The Jefferson Nickel Analyst 

2nd Edition 

By: Bernard A. Nagengast 

Soft Cover / 90 Pages 


Actual size of book - H 11" x W 8 1/2" 
Published by E & K Cointainer Company (2002)
ISBN-10: 0971989907
ISBN-13: 9780971989900

Condition: New


The Jefferson Nickel Analyst is an in depth study on the entire series from 1938 to 2000. It goes into detail about the characteristics of the series, design changes, grading, rarity of Uncirculated rolls, rarity of full step coins, and a date by date analysis. Proof issues are also listed as well as varieties.

This is a "must have" book for the serious collector of Jefferson nickels!

Out of print and difficult to locate! 

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