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SuperSafe Archival Currency Holders For Foreign Bank Notes and Odd Sizes

One of the best and most economical ways to store or display single pieces of U.S. or Foreign currency is with what is commonly referred to in the industry as currency holders, bill holders, currency selves or sometimes even called, bill guards. The selection of SuperSafe currency holders on this page features odd sizes for Foreign bank notes. These larger sizes are also great protection for important and valuable documents. 

They are made of Prolar polyester. The folks at duPont call their polyester Mylar. These durable heavyweight holders provide archival protection at an affordable price. Don't be fooled with phrases from PVC holder manufacturers like - free of chemical softeners and stearates. The Heavy Weight use a 5 Mil and 10 Mil layer bonded together to create a more ridged support. All holders made of PVC - even those that are softener free are not acceptable for storing valuable collectibles. SuperSafe polyester holders are!
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