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So-Called Dollars by Richard D. Kenney
So-Called Dollars by Richard D. Kenney

So-Called Dollars by Richard D. Kenney

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Interesting 2007 reprint of 1953 pamphlet in two parts. 

Despite its very short length, only 20 pages, this pamphlet is packed with interesting photographs and information. 

This book by Richard D. Kenney is formatted in two parts: Exposition & Commemorative Medals, and Bryan & Lesher Dollars, Miscellaneous Monetary & Other Issues. 

The first part consists of approximately 106 entries. 

Most, if not all, of these entries will be found in the best source for 'So-called Dollars' by Hibbler & Kappan but I believe that it is formatted in a way that makes it easier to read and refer to than the larger book. 

This is because for each major medal featured, there is a couple of lines of important identifying information and some background information about the impression, issuance cost and sales format, etc. and then a run down of the various metallic compositions that the medal was offered in (Not always accurate because often not extensive enough to cover various metallic compositions, etc.). 

The real novelty of this reprint of the original is that this article is what essentially kicked off this branch of Exonumia.... Hibler & Kappen in fact include a cross-reference chart that relates each entry here in the vastly superior H. K. Hardcover book. 

Part II is good because it gives one two nice bibliographic entries identifying publications of the A.N.A. for those who wish to get even more information on the Bryan & Lesher Dollars, and the Monetary & Other Issues (only 4 entries of this latter category). 

Anyway, this is not an essential read as the Hibbler & Kappen book is, but it is a nice addition to your reference collection if you are a serious collector of this Exonumia.

General Info:

Author:Richard D. Kenney 

Edition: 2007 Reprint of the original 1953 version

Bound: Soft Cover 

Pages: 20 

Illustrated: Yes

Book Size: 9" H x 6" W

ISBN: 0942666267

ISBN: 9780942666267

Condition: New

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