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This online store is powered by 3dcart shopping cart software. The 3dcart ecommerce solution provides the means to power this but is in no way responsible for the activities/content found within. All content found on this site; including products, web copy, promotions etc., is the sole property of and has no direct ties to 3dcart as a company. If you have any questions about what appears inside this store, please contact us directly from our contact us page.

Payment Processing provided by Paypal is subject to the use, terms and restrictions they impose as a 3rd party service. If you are unable to complete an order using their service please try again at another time. We are unable to report if Paypal is online and operational at the time you request their service. We are also able to take an order over and if necessary send a Paypal Payment Request that will allow you to log into your PayPal account and complete payment another day while still securing your existing order. 

Charge card processing is handled by Authorized Net a leading company that provides online processing of credit cards. Due to the security level, we have selected orders that exceed $1,000.00 will require our approval offline, please do not think your card has been declined during this processing period. We will update you once the review process is complete. Customers request a separate billing and shipping address they have not pre-approved and provided the bank who issued their credit card could also create a pending transaction status for their order. 

We are notified when any transaction is processed to a pending review point and will respond to these as promptly as we can. If you have any questions please use the Contact US: link to send us a message.