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Scott Travers Top 88 Coins
Scott Travers Top 88 Coins

Scott Travers Top 88 Coins

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By: Scott Travers

1st Edition 

Actual size of book - H 8 1/2" x W 5 1/2"

135 Pages With Illustrations
Published by Chicago: Bonus Books, 1998
ISBN: 15662501044 

Condition: New


Investing in rare coins can be a hit-or-miss proposition — unless you get directions from an expert. Scott A. Travers is the perfect guide. As one of the nation's best-known and most respected coin dealers, he knows every inch of the territory. And as the coin market's leading consumer advocate, he has spent years helping buyers and sellers avoid the perils and pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary.

In The Top 88, Travers draws a road map detailing both the hits and the misses — the coins that represent good value at current market levels and those you should steer clear of. He identifies 44 winners and 44 losers, pits them in historical perspective and vividly describes why each could be your best coin buy — or your worst investment nightmare. The list runs the gamut from classic U.S. coinage of the nation's early years to such modern-day issues as the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

You'll learn that winners and losers can exist side by side within the vary same series. And you'll see how a given coin can sometimes be a winner in one grade, or level of preservation, and yet be a loser in a grade just a little bit higher or lower.

This book, like a well tuned piano, provides you with 88 keys that will help you make beautiful music — only this time you'll be singing all the way to the bank if you play the right "notes" when you are buying coins.

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