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Numismatic Photography
Numismatic Photography

Numismatic Photography

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Numismatic Photography 

2nd. Edition 

By: Mark Goodman 

Soft Cover / 160 Pages

Actual size of book - H 10" x W 7"
Publisher: Zyrus Press (2009)
ISBN-10: 1933990040 
ISBN-13: 9781933990040 

Illustrated - 300+ Color Photos 

Publisher Zyrus Press review of this publication:

"In this second edition of Numismatic Photography, author Mark Goodman has fine-tuned the secrets to quality digital coin photography. Using a visually rich guidebook format, he addresses frequent problems coin photographers face, recommends improvements and provides specific tips and techniques to help capture the perfect photo. 

The chapters are divided into two parts: Essentials and Advanced, allowing beginners to learn without being overwhelmed, while still providing more advanced photographers with the information needed to enhance and improve their skill sets. 

Goodman s structured and systematic approach is easy to apply, simple to learn, and does not require an expensive camera or costly equipment. 

Whether the coin being photographed is encapsulated or raw, deep mirror Proof or dark copper, Mint State or circulated, the skills and techniques outlined in this book allow even the beginning photographer to capture the true essence of each coin, with lifelike brilliance, contrasting devices, sharp detail and perfect bands of luster."

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