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Money Of The Bible
Money Of The Bible

Money Of The Bible

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Money Of The Bible

By: Kenneth Bressett

1st Edition 

Hard Cover / 114 Pages

Actual size of book - H 12 3/8" x W 10 1/4"
Published by Whitman Publishing (2005)
ISBN 10: 0794820050 
ISBN 13: 9780794820053

Fully Illustrated 

Money and coins are mentioned many times, and in many places, in the Bible. To the casual reader, these might sound like abstract or symbolic references, but to numismatists (people who collect and study money) they tell stories with deep significance. Coins give us a running commentary on biblical events in a way that no other artifacts can supply.

No fewer than 16 of the 40 parables preached by Jesus mention coins or money. Famous author and historian Ken Bressett has examined all of these references. Mr. Bressett not only explains the significance of these passages, he also identifies exactly which coins are described, and why they are important enough to be included in the greatest book ever written.

Bressett has authored or edited more than a dozen numismatic books. He is the editor of 'A Guide Book of United States Coins,' popularly known as the Red Book at more than 21 million copies, one of the best selling titles of all times. As a former consultant to the United States Mint, he was instrumental in originating the 50 State Quarters Program, and in selecting many of the reverse designs. 

This is a beautifully illustrated coffee table size book!

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