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Choosing the appropriate magnifying glass for your specific needs is not complicated once you have a basic understanding of the various types of magnifiers available and the applications they are best suited for. See additional details below the magnifiers for more insights. 

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ElectroOptix 4.5x Magnifier Tweezers
In Stock.
Harris Hands Free 4
In Stock.
Magni-Focuser Head Band 2x Magnifier #104
In Stock.
Peak 15x Loupe w/Achromatic Optical Glass Lens
In Stock.
Selsi   2x Pocket Magnifier
In Stock.
Selsi - 1
In Stock.
Selsi 10x Tripod Magnifier
In Stock.
Selsi 20x Satin Frame Magnifier
In Stock.
Selsi 6 x 16 Monocular Infinity to 6
In Stock.
Selsi 8x Monocular Infinity to 8
In Stock.
Ultra Optix - 2x Lighted Wallet Lens
In Stock.
Ultra Optix 5x Linen Tester Magnifier
In Stock.
Ultra Optix 8 Inch Bar Magnifier
In Stock.
Ultra Optix Handi-Lens - Desk Size
In Stock.
Ultra Optix Handi-Lens Magnifier Sheet
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Ultra Optix Letter Opener Magnifier - 2 Pack
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