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Inspection 5x - 30x

Magnifiers of 5x power and greater are used for inspection. These magnifiers change the application as the higher power lens require the magnifier to be closer to the eye, then the object your viewing placed behind the lens at the correct distance to create focus. 5X power can boost your vision above the traditional reading glass levels and typically will have a field a view no larger than 2" in diameter. 

When magnifiers step up to 7x-10x power the focal distance becomes shorter between the object and the lens, this level of power starts the inspection applications for magnifiers, typically lens diameters are below one inch in diameter.

Magnifiers of 16x-30x powers are only used for inspection applications. For coins, these levels of power allow for the viewing of doubled dies and other minting varieties and errors. Lens diameters for this level of power are typically all less then 3/4" in diameter and require the magnifier and the object your viewing all to be within inches of your eyes. 
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