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Heavy Duty Currency Holders - Large Size   NPH-250
Heavy Duty Currency Holders - Large Size

Heavy Duty Currency Holders - Large Size NPH-250

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  • Quantity Discount::Buy more and save, 100 Count = 1 Bundle
  • Made of Mylar:Two 5 Mil layers bonded together.
  • Designed for:U.S. Notes issued 1923 and prior.
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Heavy Duty Currency Holders - Large Size 

8-1/8" W x 3-1/3" H 

Heavy Weight use a 5 Mil and 10 Mil layer bonded together to create a more ridged support.

Large, for the older U.S. notes that are sometimes called "horse blankets" by us "old time collectors" because of their larger size issued 1923 and prior.

Made of Prolar polyester, (The folks at duPont call their polyester Mylar.) These durable holders provide archival protection at an affordable price. Don't be fooled with phrases from PVC holder manufacturers use like, - free of chemical softeners and/or stearates. All holders made of PVC - even those that are softener free are not acceptable for long term storing of valuable collectibles.

NPH 250

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