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Our computer friendly Laser Flip Inserts are made from vellum Bristol card stock and are compatible with most laser, ink jet and dot matrix printers. Printed Flip Inserts, with your name, logo, phone and fax numbers as well as the information for each individual coin, add a very professional look to your coin packaging. 

The 2" x 2" Inserts will prf. out to 1 14/16" H x 1 11/16" W with 20 Inserts per sheet. This custom size fits perfectly into the 2" x 2" Double Pocket Safety Flips that we have in stock and gives you more space at the top allowing information to be more easily visible while thumbing through boxes of coins. 

Microsoft Word.doc for creating insert tags. Some web browsers will prompt you to open or save this file, we recommend you save it to your computer. 

With the laser capability, and the high quality of the perforations, producing personalized Inserts for your Flips is now easier and more convenient than ever. Simply use the custom option from your computer's word processing program to set the measurements and then save the format as a template.

We have a sample pack of 5 sheets (color of our choice) of the 2" x 2" Inserts available at only $2.00. Try them for yourself and see how easy you will be able to produce your own custom Inserts. 

We also offer White Pre-cut Flip Inserts (Sorry, these can not be printed on), these can be used in the standard 2" x 2" size flips. These pre-cut inserts come 20 cards to a sheet.
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