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Working with sensitive products a cotton glove can provide protection to the surface of photographic material, paper collectibles, crafts, artwork, and precious items sensitive to the human touch. Personal use includes medical and sanitary application where clean hands are preferred or required. 

Light industrial uses include the use as a liner for perspiration absorption in rubber gloves, clean rooms and inspection processing. Clean white gloves also create a professional presentation for servers at formal dinners, flag bearers, marching bands, uniformed public displays, and pallbearers. 

These white stretchable (to about a medium) gloves are 100% cotton and "one size will generally fit most." They have high dexterity, are reusable, washable and hand to hand reversible. We have both woman's gloves which are equal to a size 7 and a men's gloves which are equal to a size 9. They are available in a light weight, medium weight, heavy weight and a light weight 14" glove.

Our light weight gloves are not hemmed whereas our medium and heavy weight gloves all have hemmed cuffs.

Lisle is a high quality cotton yarn made by plying yarns spun from long combed staple. (Staple is length of fibers.) These gloves have not been preshrunk or mercerized! (Mercerized cotton is treated with sodium hydroxide so as to shrink the fiber and increase its luster and affinity for dye.)
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