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Collecting & Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins
Collecting & Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins

Collecting & Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins

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Collecting & Investing Strategies for United States Gold Coins 

By: Jeff Ambio 

1st Edition 

Soft Cover / 340 Pages 

Fully Illustrated

Actual size of book - H 10" x W 7" 
Published by Zyrus Press 2008
ISBN-10: 1933990104
ISBN-13: 9781933990101

Condition: New


Called the absolute perfect sales tool for dealers and marketers of U.S. Gold, Collecting and Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins, by Jeff Ambio, offers advice on how to successfully and profitably collect and invest in United States gold coins. This book covers regular-issue gold series from 1795 through 1933 and informs the reader on a number of investing strategies, including collecting by type, variety, or rarer issues. Each chapter begins with a brief history of a gold type, then goes on to describe various tactics or game plans to help the investor build his or her collection. 

Jeff Ambio is today's numismatic expert and auction cataloger. His professional career spans the nation's top auction houses. As one of the industry's most highly trained numismatic scholars, Ambio brings first-hand experience and expertise together to offer exclusive insider tips for the collector and investor. What do I look for? Which coin should I buy next? Is the coin available on the market? How much can I expect to pay? And how do I make the most of my investment?

Complete with over 150 high resolution full color gold coin images, graphs, and vital pricing data, this is the perfect companion to learn how to collect and invest successfully and profitably.

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