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The title of this long out of print book is so generic it can be somewhat misleading as to what’s in-store for the reader. I think a better title like, “A Trip Down Numismatic Memory Lane,” would have said so much more.

The book covers the often overlooked side of the history of collecting coins in America, and what the forces were which caused its popularity through the years. Information like this you’ll never see in the “Red” of “Blue” books for coin collectors.

You'll learn the names of the greats in the hobby and see some of the ads they ran back in the early days of coin collecting. For instance:

F.C.C. Boyd – Year: 1930 – 1909 S VDB Lincoln Cents – Uncirculated 25c - If 25c was to low for a 09 SVDB then he was too high for the 1909 S without the VDB because that was also 25c.

J. W. Scott’s – Silver Coin Catalog of 1906 – You could have purchased any date from 1929 to 1934 Bust Half dimes in Uncirculated at just 50c each.

R. Green – an old Chicago coin dealer was offering in one of his ads a roll of Uncirculated 1926 D Standing Liberty quarters for $23.00.

I started collecting coins back in 1951 when I was 12 years old. I found the book to be “absolutely fascinating.” If a time machine is ever invented in my lifetime you’ll find me at a coin store!

Grandpa Jake!

General Info:

Author: Q. David Bowers 

Edition: 1988 

Language: English

Bound: Soft Cover 

Pages: 214 

Illustrated: Yes 

Book Size: 8 1/2" H x 5 3/8" W 

ISBN: 0943161118 

ISBN: 9780943161112

Condition Note: These are new books but because of being stored in cartons over the years and moved around some may have light friction marks on the cover. 

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