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Coin Collecting Boards Of The 1930's & 1940's by David W. Lang   light damage to front cover
Coin Collecting Boards Of The 1930's & 1940's by David W. Lang

Coin Collecting Boards Of The 1930's & 1940's by David W. Lang light damage to front cover

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Coin Collecting Boards Of The 1930's & 1940's 

Actual size of book - H 8.5" x W 11"

By: David W. Lang 
Published by Pennyboard Press (2007)
216 Pages / Fully Illustrated 
The Complete Coin Board Story!

This comprehensive book includes the history of all board publishers and a catalog of all titles and varieties. It is everything you'll need to identify and price any coin board from the years 1934-48. 216 pages long, with 64 pages in full color.

What are coin boards?

Coin boards are 11" x 14" sheets of cardboard with openings to hold a series of coins. The dates and mintages appear beneath each opening, and a colorful backing paper holds the coins in place.

Coin boards were first produced in 1934 and they revolutionized the hobby. Before that time, coin cabinets and albums were simply too expensive to attract new converts. Priced at just 25 cents each, coin boards made collecting a hobby for the whole family and led to the folders so popular today.

Included are complete histories of each publisher.

There were seven companies that produced coin collecting boards between 1934 and 1948. Each of these publishers is studied in detail, with fully researched histories of their operations, personnel and product lines. Never before published photos bring these forgotten pioneers to life.

A complete catalog is provided for each brand.

The book offers a comprehensive, highly detailed listing of each and every variant, including its dimensions, colors, paper texture and exact text. Each listing includes a unique Lange Number so that collectors can communicate fully.

Grading Guide to help determine values.

The value of any collectible is dependent upon its condition, or grade. Simple, easy to understand criteria make it no trouble at all to determine any coin board's grade.

From there, it's just as simple to find your board's collector value in the book's handy Check List & Value Guide (see below).

Complete Check List & Value Guide.

Each and every variety is included in the book's Check List & Value Guide. Priced in four grades, included too is a handy little box that you can check off as boards are added to your collection or upgraded. With more than 400 listed varieties, collecting coin boards will never get boring!

Instructional photos in full color!

With 64 pages in full color, this book is a sheer delight and belongs on every collector's coffee table.

But these color photos do more than entertain; shown here is one devoted to various factors that go into determining a coin board's grade --- and thus its value. This book is a complete guide in every respect.

Includes both overall views and important details.

Fully understanding and appreciating vintage coin boards requires a lot of photos, both overall views, and details. This book has everything you'll need to get a handle on the subject and become your own expert.

Learn about the many vendors of coin boards. 

One of the really fun features of old coin boards is that many have the names of the vendors who sold them rubber-stamped on their backs. See how many names you know!

Included in this book is a three-page gallery of such intriguing stamps illustrated in full color.

Get acquainted with some long-forgotten coin dealerships.

Colonial Coin & Stamp Company was New York City's most prominent dealer in coins during the mid-1930s. In addition to publishing its own coin boards, Colonial occupied an office on posh 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Condition: Like-New - light damage to front cover

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