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Capital Plastic #144 Coin Holder "Presidential Dollar" - Black
Capital Plastic #144 Coin Holder "Presidential Dollar" - Black

Capital Plastic #144 Coin Holder "Presidential Dollar" - Black

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Part Number:CP-144-PresidentialDollar-Black
#144 - Single Coin Holder United States Presidential Dollar

Color: Black 
Holder Size: 2" x 2" acrylic three panel holder secured with screws. 
Coin Series: U.S. Presidential Dollars
Number of Ports: 1 
Special Varieties: None 
Additional Comments:  This holder is designed to display One (1) U.S. Presidential Dollar 26.5 mm in diameter.
Designed for the Coins minted 2007 - 2016.

Gold Embossed Coin Series Title 
Holder allows for viewing both sides of the coin. 
Coins not included.
Archival Quality.

Warning: This holder is NOT designed for the Silver American Eagle Dollar.

COIN OPENINGS: Capital has tried to ensure an accurate fit of most coins. 
The tapered coin openings ensure a snug fit and grip the coin by a single edge only. When
inserting your coins, be sure you insert coins from the Text side of the center plate. All
coins vary in size slightly, +/-.003” in diameter, due to machine tolerances during the minting
process. Pre-1900 U.S. Coins, Half Cent, Large Cent, The Bust Coin series, Early Silver Dollar and Gold Coins all vary greatly in size.

Please review the Millimeter size for the holder being offered as not all coins within an early coin 
series were issued with the same exact diameter. 

If the port on your holder is too small contact our office for additional details on how to adjust 
the port size to create a fit for your oversize coin. 


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