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Canadian Numismatic Medals 2nd Edition
Canadian Numismatic Medals 2nd Edition

Canadian Numismatic Medals 2nd Edition

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A Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Numismatic Medals 

2nd Edition 

By: W. K. Cross, R. B. Cornwell, T. G. Henderson & T. Rogers 

Soft Spiral Cover / 152 Pages

Actual size of book - 11" H x 8 1/2" W 

ISBN-10: 088968331X

ISBN-13: 9780889683310

Fully Illustrated

Charlton comments:

The second edition of Canadian Numismatic Medals has been released. The First Edition, released in 1991, covered only the medals of the Canadian Numismatic Association Conventions for the period 1954 to 1991. The newly revised second edition has been expanded to include the national organization, the CNA, and the two regional organizations the APNA and the ONA. This 152 page catalogue (8½ x 11 , spiral bound) lists all the souvenir medals issued by these three Canadian Numismatic Institutions. 

The APNA (Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association) first founded in 1966 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is an association of the coin clubs of the cities of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Over the years, between Spring and Fall Rallies, they have sponsored 37 major events. Of all the associations the APNA has issued a more diverse array of souvenir medals, which are spread over a 40 year period. 

The CNA (Canadian Numismatic Association) held its first Convention in 1954, and for the next 53 years souvenir medals were issued for each year. Prize medals and award winners at each convention are listed: Best of Show Award, J. Douglas Ferguson Award, Louise Graham Memorial Club of the Year Award, Fellow of the C.N.A. Award, Guy Potter Literary Award, Jerome H. Remick III Literary Award, Local and Regional / National Newsletter Award, and the Jean Bullen Award. 

The ONA (Ontario Numismatic Association), founded in 1962 at Waterloo, Ontario with the first convention the same year has the second longest line of souvenir medals, 45 years with only one year (1980) missed. The listings include the ONA Award of Merit and the Fellow of the ONA Award winners. 

This catalogue, the most comprehensive and informative of its kind on the market today, lists and illustrates all the souvenir medals issued by the three largest Canadian numismatic organizations. It is the only guide to offer the collector a complete history of the medals of the APNA, CNA, and the ONA. 

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