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3" x 2" Theme Snap Loc Holders

Great gift ideas and a popular promotional holder choice. 

The 2" x 3" plastic Snap Lock holders have been around for quite a few years. Occasionally, one is discontinued when it is no longer popular, only to be replaced when something new comes along. They are a great way to display the coin that the theme of the holder pertains too, and are excellent as a gift item.

As a promotional item, they have proven to generate exceptionally higher results than the usual giveaways like ballpoint pens, pencils, refrigerator magnets, etc. The 2" x 3" size of these holders allow sufficient size to place a business-card size advertisement in the bottom of the plastic case.

We have listed below all the different ones that we carry in stock and offer most of them to you with or without the coins. Choose from the list below. The one for the U.S. Silver Eagle dollar by far has been one of our biggest sellers over the years.
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