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1968-S Proof Set
1968-S Proof Set

1968-S Proof Set

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1968-S Proof Set 5-Coins

Lincoln Cent - Copper
Jefferson Nickel - Copper Nickel
Roosevelt Dime - Copper-Nickel Clad
Washington Quarter - Copper-Nickel Clad
Kennedy Half Dollar - Copper-Silver Clad 40%

The first year the U.S. Proof Set production was moved to San Francisco

We ship all sets with the paper-work as U.S. Mint issued. 

This is a photo illustration of a genuine set and will not be the exact set we ship to you. The set however will be visually appealing as the set we have illustrated. The U.S. Mint did not issue certificate of authenticity until 1986 for all Proof Sets. 

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