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100 Greatest U.S. Coins - 3rd. Edition
100 Greatest U.S. Coins - 3rd. Edition

100 Greatest U.S. Coins - 3rd. Edition

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100 Greatest U.S. Coins 

3rd. Edition

By: Jeff Garrett & Ron Guth

Hard Cover / 144 Pages 

Fully Illustrated 

Published by Whitman Pub Llc (2008)
ISBN-10: 0794825613 
ISBN-13: 9780794825614 


Extremely informative, this coffee table size book features 100 of the Greatest U.S. Coins from half cents to dollars, gold coins, Colonial coins, pattern pieces and the famous 1943 copper Lincoln cent. The book gives a brief history about each of these American Rarities along with a full color photograph.

There is also a price comparison chart showing what each of the coins was valued at in the years 1960, 1980, and in today's market as well as the auction date, auction company and the price realized.

Many of us will never be able to afford just one of these Major Rarities but we can still enjoy the Numismatic beauty and history through the pages of this excellent book!

Publishers comments on the Third Edition:

"In the third edition of the best-selling and award-winning 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, numismatic author Jeff Garrett takes the reader on a personal guided tour of the nation's greatest coinage. "Each of the 100 Greatest was voted into place by leading coin dealers, researchers, and historians," says Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. Inside the reader will find prized and seldom-seen rarities - the unique and high-valued pieces that collectors dream about, like the 1913 Liberty Head nickel and the 1804 dollar (the "King of American Coins"). The book also explores more readily available and widely popular coins: pieces so beautiful or with such strange and fascinating stories that everybody wants one. By Jeff Garrett. Hardcover, 144 Full Color Pages, Metallic-Foil Cover"

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