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Coin World Tag Wizard Kit & Labels

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Gives you the ability to ID your coins and add your own personal logo!

Create attractive self-adhesive labels on your home computer using Tag Wizard (V2.0) Software. Self-adhesive labels are 1 7/16" wide x 9/16" high.

The Tag Wizard Software runs on Windows© 98 through Windows7 32 bit OS. For Apple/Macs© with versions of OS 10.6 or lower .

Self-Adhesive Labels
There are 75 self-adhesive labels per sheet. This package of 25 sheets has enough labels to mount 1,875 coins in Coin World Premier Coin Holders or you may use the tags on anything you desire to put a tag on.

Coin World

Tag Wizard Software - ID Tags - Self-Adhesive Labels

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CWTWS Coin World Tag Wizard Software


Coin World Tag Wizard Kit

Includes Software and
1,875 Self-Adhesive Labels



Self-Adhesive Labels

Package of 1,875
Self-Adhesive Labels
(25 sheets of 75 labels per sheet.)


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