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Constantine The Great's "Angel of Victory" Coin

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Constantine The Great's "Angel of Victory" Coin

AD 330

Constantinople (now called Istanbul) became the new capital city of the Roman Empire in AD 330. This was done for a multiplicity of reasons. Besides having a wonderful harbor, Constantinople was at the center of sea and land routes. Through the Hellesport (Dardanelles) flows the connection between the Black and Aegean Sea. Also, this was a location for the crossing of a major land route from east to west, from Europe to Asia.

The re foundation of the capital was celebrated with pomp and festivities. The jubilation was heightened due to the memory of a great naval battle waged nearby in AD 324 that resulted in the surrender and death of Licinius I, his former CO-Emperor.

On the obverse, the city goddess Roma holds the scepter and wears her helmet and armor. The "Constantinopolis" inscription means "City of Constantine"

The reverse depicts an angel of victory brandishing a shield and spear, implying divine protection for the capital city of the Devine Emperor. The angel is standing on the prow of a galley. This probably is a subtle reminder of the crucial naval victory over Licinius I in AD 324. If Constantine had lost this battle, the propagation of Christianity would have been seriously curtailed.


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Constantine the Great's
"Angel of Victory" Coin
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